Seller Dynamics New ‘No Commission’ Price Plans

By Chris Dawson September 17, 2016 - 6:20 pm

Seller DynamicsSeller Dynamics have released new pricing for their marketplace management system. Previously the company promoted one price based on a percentage of monthly GMV, and while this option still exists the new pricing recognises that each retailer has its own particular needs and requirements.

We’ve been in the market long enough to understand what retailers expect and where they are sensitive”, said Alex Ogilvie MD. “Telephone and email support is key, and we’ve always offered that as part of our service, so no change there. What we have done is introduce new pricing plan options to align ourselves better with the demands of retailers.”

The new Small Biz Plan is a fixed fee plan, allowing small retailers who are nervous of a commission based solution to start using Seller Dynamics by removing that anxiety. And at the other end of the scale there is the Premium+ Plan, this gives larger retailers a better commission rate as well as opening up the possibility of a cap on the upper side of their monthly fees.


There is also a Transition Plan, which Alex says is “to be honest this particular plan is very much in reaction to other providers increasing their costs recently. We want to be able to discuss with any retailers considering moving to us in as open a manner as possible. Our ethos has always been to offer help and Transition is our offer of an open hand to do that.”

Full pricing, free 30 day trials and online demos are available.

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