PayPal glitch shows paid eBay items as unpaid

By Chris Dawson September 11, 2016 - 10:28 am

PayPal Bug hmOn Wednesday last week (7th September) there was a PayPal glitch which made it appear that some buyers who paid for an item hadn’t paid. The issue has been identified and addressed by PayPal but it may take up to 48 hours for previous payments to be processed. have posted more information on the eBay US Announcement Board, we’re hoping that no UK sellers were affected as there’s not corresponding announcement in the UK, but if you list and sell on the glitch may still have affected you.

eBay say “If any of your eBay transactions were affected by this issue and you delayed shipment until payment was verified via PayPal, rest assured that you will be protected. Your transactions will not be counted as shipped late, and your eBay seller performance will not be impacted by a late shipment related to one of these transactions“.

  • Julius Oliveti
    1 year ago

    I m unable to log in to Paypal. I have spoken to eBay this morning and it appears this issue has affected many Paypal users over the weekend.

    My weekend sales have been the worst for 15 years as a result. I am awaiting Paypal to open at 9am so I can speak to them.

  • Jon
    1 year ago

    Now that overseas buyers can’t order & pay later this poses a massive problem. eBay is slowly destroying itself. I had an item showing cancelled on eBay & paid on PayPal. I’m on the edge of leaving eBay to concentrate on Facebook. eBay are only interested in corporate companies now. Thats why half the time our stuff is invisible. This is interesting reading but it’s annoying that to see the the results of their survey mean paying for a bloody subscription! Perhaps Chris dawson can find out for us. Or would it be illegal to publish results of someone else’s survey? Can we arrange similar a Tamebay survey Chris?

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