Have you got the new eBay Seller Hub?

By Dan Wilson September 27, 2016 - 11:15 pm

It’s been trailed for more than a year but it seems that it has started landing with some sellers here in the UK today. Several sellers have been in touch to say they’re seeing it. It doesn’t seem to be universal though, so let us know whether the new eBay Seller Hub has found you.

Sometimes these new features do take time to roll out to all users so don’t worry if you’re still on the old system. It’s on its way. To find out fuller details of what the new eBay Seller Hub will offer you, check out this previous post.

The new Seller Hub will replace a lot of the existing tools you use to administer your eBay sales.

In short: the eBay Seller Hub will consolidate the functionality of:

– Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro
– Reports and dashboards for Sales, Seller Costs, Traffic and Seller Standards.
– And other things…

And don’t forget that Turbo Lister will be retiring in 2017 too…

Seller Hub Features

(We contacted eBay earlier on Tuesday to find out what the situation is re the Seller Hub roll out and haven’t heard back.)

  • Whirly
    10 months ago

    Got it but just opted out.

    They’ve removed the link tool that let you build a link to a related item and put it in the description which we used a lot. If you didn’t use it the new system is much better, everything on one page when you revise.

  • Dave
    10 months ago

    Just opting out too. I print my invoices from Seller Central and now its messing up the print – I get my header printing on the top and bottom of one invoice, no header on the next invoice, 2 on the next etc…

    Thats with Firefox. On Chrome I can get the header to print in the right place, but then get a blank page after every invoice.

    Apart from that, it looks great! Just not quite working yet.

  • james
    10 months ago

    why do ebay have such difficulty with honesty?

    “Selling manager pro = Free*”
    *= not free.

  • Christi
    10 months ago

    It started for us when I signed in this morning. I like some of the charts and graphs as those could prove useful. Not 100% convinced I want to keep it as I had the (free) Selling Manager and that worked just fine. This seems to be hiding some of the normal things like “Watch List” and “Purchase History”. I haven’t found them yet. (Nor my link to the Block List.) I’ll give it at least a week though.

  • Pete_am
    10 months ago

    The Seller Hub email landed this morning.

    Had a look at it and it seems fairly straight forward, however, some of the links are dead ends. Maybe it’s not so well tested yet and as is normal with eBay it’ll get fixed as/when they get around to it. If I can find the time I’ll take a more in depth look around the various links later.

    Would have preferred they had spent the time and fixed the variations listings, still no alphabetical sort and removing/re-adding an item is a still a nightmare.

  • Andy R
    10 months ago

    Despite the trumpeting of this by Ebay, I can’t see much benefit in the new hub page when I accepted it today.

    It’s like a supermarket rearranging all the aisles – the same stuff, just harder to find.

  • Rob
    10 months ago

    I was hoping for some keyword data so that I could see what people were searching for on eBay when arriving at my listings. This doesn’t appear to be available though, despite what eBay have told me via Twitter.

  • Sam O'levski
    10 months ago

    My ‘old/normal’ selling manager is now not showing an option to filter auction and fixed price listings when I click on the active button down the left side, and when I go to the selling manager summary page, I get a drop down menu for ‘select a view’ along the top, but the next button gives me an option of a blue bar only, when I think that was also to select all, auction or fixed price !
    Is this related to teething problems with the new seller hub I wonder ?
    Down detector shows a surge of problems uploading photos, so perhaps all is not well at ebay again.

    • Andy R
      10 months ago

      Your’re right, Sam.

      It’s impossible to upload any photos to Ebay today. Even the photo section on the web form is just blank.

      But all those people reporting problems, well, they’re just plain wrong, aren’t they!

      Another sunny day in Ebayland la la la. Not listening. la la la

    • JD
      10 months ago

      No one reporting this in US? Could be that they are asleep or just waking up.

    • Jon
      10 months ago

      Same here, pictures keep failing to upload.

  • Andy R
    10 months ago

    US Ebay just the same.

    If you try to upload a photo you just get a blank space where the “add a photo” section should be.

    No announcements, unreachable customer service.

    Another typical day on planet Ebay.

    Whatever they’re paying Wenig, it’s way too much.

    • JD
      10 months ago

      eBay still seems to have problems. Can anybody upload pictures on the UK site?

      Answers please? (especially from eBay).

    • Andy R
      10 months ago

      No good news – it’s still not working and Ebay CS (Leo) say they are addressing it “on priority” whatever that means.

      No timeframe for fixing, no announcements.

      Worringly they’re trying to pin it on the ISP’s, which has shades of the previous big crash a while ago.

      If it’s not up and running again tomorrow, expect it to drag on and on and on……

    • Andy R
      10 months ago
    • JD
      10 months ago

      Just (in last 5 mins) managed to upload pics to 2 new listings. Speed of light!

      Hope that it still works tomorrow, calling it a day (night) now.

  • james
    10 months ago

    i literally despise that tick-graph they’ve issued.
    it’s ebay right over the back.

    empty fluff claiming you’re getting all sorts, when they know you’re not, is fraudulent.

    claiming its free when they know its not.
    (can you imagine Amazon putting up an advert saying “Amazon prime = Free!”. No.
    in fact i checked this & found a valid tick-list from amazon with actual features & benefits, and actual costs.

    so every package has “basic features”. yay.

    “customizable dashboard that summarises sales…”
    OMG wow really? a dashboard! thrills galore.
    – customizable is a stretch btw.

    “auto feeback”
    yawn. seriously. double yawn.

    “EASILY manage cancellations and returns with CLEAR statuses and actions.”
    would be nice, if the claims were true, having met ebay before, i’m certain it’ll be anything but clear or easy.
    – should have had this since day 1 ebay, its shameful we’ve gone this long without.

    “Centralized access to dashboards including seller standards….”
    apparently we didnt have this before.
    I’m absolutely certain we did.
    oh wait, maybe it wasnt “centralized” previously? obviously centralizing the reports is important. enough to make a song and dance and include it on a tick list, like its a major game-changing new feature. definitely. not misleading in the slightest.

    “personalized listing recomendations backed by comptetitive insights.”
    again, already have this. ebay insights is almost as much of a joke as this list.
    one of the best recommendations is just close your shop and move to amazon – it’s the only one actually backed and verified by real industry insight.
    putting ebay insights as a benefit on anything is a sick joke at our expense.
    – I’d love to see ebay manage a shop and follow their own insights.
    – “ebay says sell this below cost, becuase your competitors are more expensive than you”.

    so basically every single element of this tick list is wrong, fraudulent, or worthless. let’s all jump onboard immediately.

  • Steve
    10 months ago

    No seller hub but

    Can someone help or at least tell me if they see the same.. when I go onto my mobile app home page I get a message saying my account is restricted view message… I click on it and it takes me to my eBay message but I don’t have any message saying my account is restricted.. if I refresh the screen it goes and a ad pops up then refresh again and it come back I have screen shot it but can’t post the picture.. it has a red triangle with ! Inside

    Anyone else getting this message ?

  • 10 months ago

    Yesterday’s photo upload problem seems to be fixed now. I can link to my hosted photos now.

    As for the seller hub, I prefer buggy, unreliable old Turbo Lister. I like to be able to maintain an inventory offline and to cut and paste to create new product listings

    Still no way to prevent accidental duplicate listings though. You have to check your active items carefully to make sure. I’ve got around 150 items on at the moment. How do people with thousands of items mange?

    • Sam O'levski
      10 months ago

      Re. seller hub – went to and got it straight away, but have added me to the waiting list, so not universal yet.
      As for duplicate listings, whenever I try to bulk list using sell similar, if I get confused and accidentally try to list a duplicate, it refuses to list that item and a message at the top states x number of listings were ok, but x number have faults, and when I click to find out the fault it tells me duplicates are not allowed, so it seems that for some people, the system blocks duplicates.
      I have found a few very reputable uk business sellers with a few duplicated listings, so I assume that feature didn’t work for them ?

  • Andy R
    10 months ago

    Disappointed there is no tool in the new seller hub, to replace the functions of Turbo Lister.

    For all its issues, TL enabled basic listings to be created and uploaded quickly.

    Ebay has taken away a widely used tool and replaced it with, er, nothing.

    They’re saying sellers should “consider” looking at third party tools, but these all cost and there is the issue of compatability, given the constant changes Ebay makes to listing requirements.

    I’m surprised this issue hasn’t gained more traction, as from Jun 2017, Turbo Lister will vanish and many sellers will have to change listing practices they have used for years.

    Come on Ebay, put some of your vast riches into making a 21st century listing tool that’s fit for purpose.

    Don’t just bin it and walk away, leaving sellers to fend for themselves.

    Haven’t we all paid you enough in fees over the years to deserve better?

    10 months ago

    no doubt ebay have monitored the listings provided by turbo lister
    and decided its not cost effective of profitable compared to other revenue streams and took their normal if you dont like it sod off attitude

  • SAM
    10 months ago

    I have this and I have just switched to click & drop with my OBA account, so just getting used to a brand new way of doing things just for the busy season. Mail and eBay interface.
    I have just went to the eBay discussion boards, what has happened their am totally lost.

  • Dave
    10 months ago

    Well something else that seems to have come up with this new seller hub is that when a buyer opens a return, the return label cost has rocketed up for me.

    Its gone from the normal £2.99 to £9.12

    Anyone else having issues with this?

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