Google could win PayPal’s cloud patronage

By Dan Wilson September 5, 2016 - 11:20 pm

PayPal hmThe undoubted top-notch provider of cloud services is Amazon. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a hugely successful, a massive revenue driver and credited with being well ahead both Microsoft and Google.

So it’s interesting that PayPal is thinking of throwing its lot in with Google as it shops for a cloud provider. It’s a surprise: Braintree (owned by PayPal) is already running on AWS. And PayPal also already has considerable hosting power already, not least because it was developed before the cloud.

But according to CNBC, PayPal wants to be more involved in the cloud and Google is the preferred supplier. That would be a huge boost for Google and also a vindication of Google’s cloud boss Dianne Greene. Under her leadership in recent months, she’s reformed Google’s cloud organisation to make it more attractive.

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