eBay UK photo upload problem reported by sellers

By Dan Wilson September 29, 2016 - 10:56 pm

Have you been having problems today uploading pictures to your eBay UK listings?

We’ve had numerous reports on here on Tamebay, via email and also on forums. Here’s a thread on Bay’s own forums. It seems that the problem started on Thursday morning and has persisted all day for some.

As far as we can see eBay has made no announcement regarding the problem and hasn’t made comment officially on their forums.

What we don’t know is whether this issue is universal, but it does seem to be fairly widespread. It’s also not clear whether it’s related to the roll out of the new Seller Hub this week.

Sellers who contacted eBay’s Customer Support report that they were advised to use another web browser although that would seem to be a red herring. Other sellers who have been in contact were advised by eBay CS that the problem was ISP related. We have no way of verifying that either.

Some sellers reported this evening that they were finally able to upload a few pictures. But others seem to be experiencing the problems as ongoing (Thursday evening, circa 11pm).

We’ve asked eBay for a comment. Let us know if you’ve been impacted.

  • Bag
    2 years ago

    As usual no announcement from ebay the site has been a complete mess all day and continues to be so.

    Unsafe content pop up on every listing I have looked at, trouble signing in.
    When finally signed in get a message saying that account has been restricted go to messages nothing there.

  • Andy R
    2 years ago

    Problems all day yesterday with images not uploading via turbolister or on the web pages, where the photo section was often just blank, or had boxes filled with red exclamation marks

    Frequent demands to sign in again every time you changed page.

    Customer service were unable to confirm what the problem was and hinted at ISP issues and suggested switching browsers.

    However, I noticed data was blank at the time this started, so the issue maybe emanated from there.

    Once again the refusal to keep sellers informed adds insult to injury. The Ebay mantra continues to be admit nothing until its all fixed – then issue a retropsective response saying whatever issue, which impacted only a few sellers, has now been fixed.

    It’s likely to be another server problem, so we wait to see when it will be fixed. Or will this drag on?

  • Andy R
    2 years ago

    Pics uploaded via the web page on Ebay on a test item this morning.

    Seeing quite a few posts around the net with mobile users seeing a changed picture display and different layout.

    Was this all about changes to mobile devices?

    Could they really not have put out a warning that picture services wouldn’t be working on Thursday to accommodate their changes?

    They really don’t give a ****

  • Steve
    2 years ago

    Another day another glitch another load of lost sales another example of all that’s wrong with ebay.

    We don’t want more bells and whistles we want a working site

  • JD
    2 years ago

    The ‘outage’ insofar as the site was slow and unable to upload listing pictures lasted over 10 hours for me.

    When I spoke to a CS agent around 9pm he said it was a known issue that was being worked on, hoped all would be normal tomorrow, so (quote) ‘there was nothing for me to worry about’.

    I guess that he was paid for his day.

  • Sam O'levski
    2 years ago

    Not everyone rates downdetector, but reports on there showed all ok late last night, Thursday – well of course most people had given up by then.
    Reports of problems are coming in again this morning, and my problem of not being able to select auction or fixed price in the active listings view is still ongoing, so perhaps lots more reports today as people wake up and try to use ebay before the weekend.
    I pity the larger businesses who might be unable to get stuff posted before staff go home – will ebay remove negatives for late delivery complaints ?

    2 years ago

    dont know what the fuss is all about
    we all know all you need to do is
    “clear your history and cookies”
    ebay could save fortunes in support staff if only they could get this message thru,

  • Joe
    2 years ago

    For me it’s descriptions. If I’m using sell similar or revising a listing, the description is blank for about 45 seconds, I have to sit and wait until it appears or it will tell I’m trying to submit a listing without a description.

    Last night my anti-virus kept going mad when browsing listings too saying there was a threat on the page.

    I imagine it’s all to do with the new seller hub roll-out as everything eBay do that’s new is always bugged on release.

    • Steve
      2 years ago

      The ebay site is riddled with dodgy adverts that flag up on my anti virus every day to the point of having to block them all using adblock.

      With adbock the eBay site is almost fast enough to be useable now if they could just keep it working for more than a few days at a time.

    • james
      2 years ago

      the “standard” adblock (adblock plus) doesnt work with ebay; ebay bribed adblock plus to allow all their adverts through.

      other less corrupt adblockers do work, though ebay still slows you down trying to black-hat circumvent your adblocking choices.

      as far as ebay are concerned, you’re there to be milked, how dare you try to avoid them cashing in on you, or try to make their site semi-usable?
      it’s not like you give ebay £1,000’s every month, they have every right to cripple the site and make you endure detestable ads so they can make an extra 75p out of you on top of your fees.
      (in the short term, long term they’re driving sales away from you, and losing out on £10+ of FVF’s in exchange for every £1 of ad revenue, the geniuses)

  • Sam O'levski
    2 years ago

    It’s also worth checking page views for anything listed over the past couple of days – things I relisted yesterday morning which have been up around 20 hours, are showing normal numbers of views, but those I relisted last night have either one or zero page views which is unusual for all of them to be that low.
    It was a comment just now on downdetector made me look, and ties in with the graph of problems which rises from around mid morning to about 9pm, and so perhaps more things than just photo uploading have been affected.

    2 years ago

    its ebays attitude that pees us off,
    we all have problems and faults, if ebay just communicated better we would not feel as annoyed

  • I agree with Tinker. Prior information on issues would reduce the worries of the sellers.

  • James W
    2 years ago

    I uploaded 70 listings yesterday onto ebay UK and all of which are displaying “Your listing was successful but there’s a problem with your gallery picture.” The images appear to be fine from my point of view however I got an error code 6 & error code 25 and after little investigation it appears to be a problem with image hosting.

    Not sure if this is related to the above but is anyone else getting this issue?

  • Peter
    2 years ago

    I have also had upload problems on since Tuesday. Both photo uploaders don’t work.

  • Arno
    2 years ago

    We use the Ebay Api and recieve “galery picture problem” e-mails of ebay DE since Thursday. I think it not only the UK site then.. Thanks for this article. Now i know i can stop searching for the problem.

  • Mac
    2 years ago

    …no problems here – in fact, today I was presented with a `new` image upload page when creating a sale item which allowed me to choose and upload all images to a listingin one go! Great….maybe they`ve been testing the last day or two ( I had some problems yesterday but not with image uploading…)?

  • Sam O'levski
    2 years ago

    I’m still having problems uploading small size 600×600 photos at 3.30 pm on Friday – although the problems don’t seem to be as widespread as yesterday, I’m sure there will still be people tearing their hair out until midnight, due to it being the last day of the month and some will be trying to use up their listing allowances.

  • Andy
    2 years ago

    Initially pleased to see the image upload was working again yesterday, I was then prevented from adding new listings due to the Business Policies not being populated with options. The select boxes were tiny and empty. After submitting this then brought up the “fix errors” situation, which since I couldn’t, became an endless loop.

    I wonder how many seller man hours Ebay wastes per day with their bugs and verbose interface. Millions I’m guessing.

  • Alexander Felix
    2 years ago

    Hi I witnessed loading pictures to my listing for the past 5 days and yesterday 06th October and one of the images loaded is horrible.

  • Fred Frogley
    2 years ago

    Still ongoing problems. Problems changing category. Problems moving onto the 2nd listing page where you submit it. Problems opening templates. No save to template option when revising listings.

    eBay never seem to test anything properly before releasing it. If it was so difficult to do you’d see just as many problems on Amazon, but you don’t. My advice – eBay should start poaching programming staff and management from Amazon. The current lot are useless.

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