eBay Customer Guarantee launched in France Italy and Spain

By Chris Dawson September 13, 2016 - 11:32 am

eBay Customer Support smeBay have launched the eBay Customer Guarantee (equivalent to eBay Money Back Guarantee) in France, Italy, and Spain. I’m surprised, I didn’t know that customers in these EU countries didn’t get the same service that we enjoy in the UK so perhaps it’s long overdue.

With the launch of the eBay Customer Guarantee, eBay have also improved the process for all return requests. Buyers will get active resolution support from eBay, and if there is a problem with the purchased item or they haven’t received the item, they can contact eBay directly for help.

As a seller, if you ship to France, Italy and Spain, the changes shouldn’t concern you overly. You’re already used to supporting UK and German customers and like me, you may not even have been aware that there was no eBay Customer Guarantee in these countries.

  • Steve
    8 months ago

    What good news now they will have their own Tango Tony to assist then to get their goods and their money back

    Thanks eBay any chance of a bit of seller protection ?

    • TINKER
      8 months ago

      just got an invite to ebays concierge special customer care service
      not a clue what thats about

  • SAM
    8 months ago

    Ohh dear, you mean they never had all that before in Italy and Spain. Italy is a nightmare for eBay, I only sell via FBA into Italy. Spain is not exactly great either. Watch the false claims increase.

  • glenn
    8 months ago

    same here , italy is a pain for INR cases on amazon but i put the prices up just to compensate for the claims , 1 item not recieved but the other 9 that get thru pay for the 1 lost item

  • dean
    8 months ago

    Only reason because to many scammers abusing the system