Does Amazon change your prices?

By Chris Dawson September 18, 2016 - 8:21 pm

Amazon BugThere’s an interesting thread on the forums, a merchant is claiming that Amazon are changing their selling prices.

The seller states that they are a small company, do not use any repricing tools and in particular have not signed up for Amazon’s repricer. They say “that since we do not have minimum and maximum prices set in our inventory, Amazon is changing our prices for us“.

This sounds like a really strange case and could be easily explained if it was discovered that the seller has Amazon’s repricer enabled on some products without realising it. Either that or that they have some multichannel management software running which is changing prices after the merchant has manually changed them on the Amazon website.

Have you seen any strange price changes on Amazon that were unexpected and unintentional? If this was widespread we’d expect a whole ton of sellers to be up in arms and shouting about it… so we’re pretty confident in saying that it’s probably not affecting you and your products.

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