Carling Beer Button to rival Amazon Dash

By Chris Dawson September 5, 2016 - 4:39 pm

Last week we had the news that Amazon Dash buttons have arrived in the UK enabling consumers to reorder their favourite products with a single click. Today it’s the turn of Carling who’s one-touch solution thirsty tech lovers is a Beer Button which will order drinks when you’re running low.

I have to admit at first I thought this might be an elaborate hoax and some clever marketing by the guys at Molson Coors who own the Carling brand. A quick phone call to Carling and they assured me it’s a pucker solution and coming to a fridge near you.

According to Molson Coors it’s all to combat the problems British shoppers have with supermarket website. Only able to see a maximum of 10 products on a page, apparently one in three of us doesn’t click past the first page to find what we’re looking for. The Beer Button aims to combat this with integration to any of the UK’s top five online grocery retailers.

The Carling Beer Button syncs with the accompanying Beer Button App on a user’s mobile phone, allowing shoppers to add beer directly to their online shopping accounts. Once set up, purchases can be made straight from the fridge with a simple press of a button, with no need to go online and search.

The Carling Beer Button is the culmination of a year long product with the Hi Mum! Said Dad creative agency, so it’s been in the planning long before Amazon Dash was launched in the UK.

The Beer Button, just the latest gadget in the connected commerce world dubbed “The Internet of Things”, or possibly the most useful gadget every household should have? You decide, will you be getting one?

  • 1 year ago

    Carling? Ugh!Now, if it was a button for Marston’s Pedigree…

    • Techno-Liam
      1 year ago

      If only there was a button for strawberry nesquik……

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