BT Acquire Pelipod delivery solution

By Chris Dawson September 28, 2016 - 11:20 am

Pelipod have been acquired by British Telecommunications for an undisclosed sum. The secure home delivery box solution will join BT’s Wholesale and Ventures division.

Karl Wills, Managing Director at Pelipod told us “It is an exciting time for Pelipod, as we look forward to integrating our products into BT’s portfolio. By joining BT, we can expand our capabilities into supporting the customers and markets which BT serves and with access to additional R&D resources on top of my team’s existing capabilities we will look to develop our portfolio even further“.

Pelipod have added an additional focus since launching as a secure home delivery solution for consumers. They have targeted businesses such as telecoms, gas, automotive and other maintenance sectors where a regular supply of spare parts needs to be delivered to field service engineers.

Rather than an engineer having to drive daily to a central depot to restock on spares, the parts can be delivered securely to a Pelipod saving time and money. Doubtless this was one of the attractions for BT when they considered acquiring Pelipod.

It is likely that the business solution will be the main future focus for Pelipod and that they’ll leave the domestic consumer market to their competitors, although those who already have a unit will continue to be serviced. With BT likely to install hundreds if not thousands of Pelipods, future growth is assured and with the BT brand behind them the solution will be sold into other B2B solutions around the UK and across the EU.

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