Amazon Launch Echo with Alexa in UK and Germany

By Chris Dawson September 14, 2016 - 1:02 pm

Amazon Echo is to launch in the UK and Germany this autumn with prices set at £149.99 for the UK and €179.99 in Germany.

In the UK Amazon will work with a number of partners to deliver content, including Radio Player, Just Eat, Skyscanner, and Spotify. Relatively new additions for the UK include Sky News, Sky Sports, the Guardian and the Telegraph, Travel updates from Network Rail and recipes from a Jamie Oliver branded service.

Far be it from me to be sniffy about the included services, but the Guardian and Telegraph coupled with Jamie Oliver it does suggest that Amazon are aiming to appeal to a certain demographic with Echo.

Global developers are also building skills for customers in the UK including BMW, Fitbit, Honeywell, Nest, Netatmo, Osram LIGHTIFY, Philips Hue, SmartThings, tado°, TP-Link, TuneIn, WeMo, and more. From early next year, hardware makers can integrate the Alexa Voice Service into their devices for UK Customers, for free.

Amazon also announced an all-new Echo Dot. Echo Dot is a hands-free, voice controlled device that is powered by Alexa and uses the same far-field voice recognition as Echo. Directly connect Echo Dot to speakers with an audio cable or via Bluetooth, and add voice-control to your home stereo system. Plus, with its small built-in speaker, you can place Echo Dot in the bedroom and use it as a smart alarm clock, or in any room as a voice assistant to control smart home devices, and more. Echo Dot will retail at £49.99 and extends Echo to more rooms in your house.
There is a £50/€50 discount for any Amazon Prime subscribers that pre-order before 5pm on the 16th of September (This coming Friday).

Amazon are indicating that the first shipments will be delivered in just two weeks time on the 28th of September so you could get your hands on a UK version of Echo in just two weeks time.

  • Just checked the all-new Echo Dot. Seems to be awesome that we can hear across the room with 7 microphones for far-field hands-free voice control, even in noisy environments or while playing music. Also they are offering free shipping for UK customers. Great welcome to this new product:)

  • SAM
    1 year ago

    I got one, £99. This would be more useful around the house than my wife. This will have a ton of updates, I would just use it for the music and PRIME music is actually not bad either.

  • Mr Dock
    1 year ago

    Great, 7 microphones listening to your every move, hope there are no bugs in it so people can tap into whats going on in your room when your not wanting it to!

    Neat product but too intrusive!

  • Whirly
    1 year ago

    What happens if your wife is called Alexa?

    • jimbo
      1 year ago

      Alexa tea please.

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