Amazon Fresh expands to 190 new postcodes

By Dan Wilson September 8, 2016 - 12:38 pm

Since Amazon Fresh launched in June this year it has already doubled its delivery areas. And now it will be expanding into south and south west London into 190 new postcodes including Brixton, Leatherhead, Richmond and Croydon. The Amazon Fresh service is Amazon’s grocery division available to Amazon prime members.

Ajay Kavan, Vice President of AmazonFresh says: “We’ve been delighted with the positive response we’ve had from customers across London with our convenient delivery options, vast selection and low prices regularly cited as reasons for using AmazonFresh. We are excited about bringing the service to even more Prime Members in more parts of London and look forward to hearing their feedback as we continue to further improve AmazonFresh as we rollout to new areas.”

Amazon have said they intend to take two per cent of the groceries market in the UK.

  • Adam
    5 years ago

    This on the day that I read that 2,000+ staff at Tesco are going to be affected by staff cuts. At some stores shifts will be cut and 24 hour trading ended. I’m sure Amazon haven’t really limited their plans to just “two per cent of the groceries market in the UK”.

  • 5 years ago

    My local Tesco in Truro, Cornwall stopped 24 hour trading a while ago. I seem to remember being told when they first started 24 hour Trading that it would not cost much because most of the staff were there anyway. They were shelf filling and Security and no doubt Supervisors ets. But it must have cost more because it obviously did not generate the additional trade to pay for the extra cost such as Check Out Girls etc.

    The question I have is Is it general across the Country or just in selected areas such as Truro? Are there areas when customers want to go out at say 3am to buy a pint of milk in sufficient numbers to make it financially viable(as obviously in Truro most Customers are tucked up in bed at 3am).

    • Tom
      5 years ago

      I believe the shelf stocking is increasingly happening in the day now. This means keeping sales staff in a store (which would otherwise be closed) 24 hours/day would be prohibitively expensive.

      Those pesky online buyers are ruining things for the shareholders – bring back the giant weekly shop – and our fat, reliable profits!

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