Amazon Alexa could be coming to your Lenovo PC

By Dan Wilson September 1, 2016 - 11:21 pm

Amazon EchoSeldom does a day go by without some news on an interesting move from Amazon. The latest snippet is that Amazon Alexa (the voice controlled assistant) could be coming to your PC.

Lenovo, the world’s biggest PC manufacturer, is reportedly in talks with Amazon to integrate Alexa with its machines. There is no indication of timeframes or at what stage the discussions are at.

Amazon is pinning great hopes on Alexa, which debuted in the Amazon Echo device, because it ties consumers ever more closely to the marketplace. Rather like Prime, Amazon considers that users of Alexa become ever more passionate and loyal shoppers when they start using the service.

It does raise some interesting questions: could Alexa replace Microsoft’s similar Cortana service?

A Lenovo executive said: “We consider things all the time and we’ve looked at it.” Watch this space.

  • Steve
    10 months ago

    Amazon Alexa could be coming to your Lenova PC

    What’s a Lenova PC ?

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