1 in 10 online buyers abandons shopping cart due to cold feet

By Dan Wilson September 13, 2016 - 9:42 pm

A Royal Mail study has found that one in ten online shoppers abandon items in their shopping cart because they get cold feet about how much they’re spending.

The annual Delivery Matters report found that a third of UK online shoppers (34 per cent) frequently abandon their online shopping basket after loading it up with items.

The reasons given by consumers for not sealing the deal on online orders include: “I was just browsing” (19 per cent), “I found a better deal somewhere else” (9 per cent), “I got interrupted when placing my order” (7 per cent) and “the item was out of stock” (7 per cent).

Nick Landon, Managing Director of Royal Mail Parcels, said “The findings suggest that online shoppers often start off browsing online innocently, – a term known as digital window shopping – get carried away by attractive offers and great product reviews, load up their baskets, proceed to check out and then have an “oops moment” when they see their total spend. This then prompts them to seek a better deal elsewhere or abandon the purchase completely.”

  • dawn
    1 year ago

    Its more likely that the buyer has seen the cost of postage. If companies were more up front about the charge and did not make so much of a profit then they would get more customers. I know that a small parcel up to 1kg will cost £2.85 with no insurance from Royal Mail, for them to then charge £6 is a bit of a mark up to far !

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