Windows 10 Anniversary Update breaks web cams

By Chris Dawson August 22, 2016 - 10:50 am

WebcamAs a small business it’s possible, even probable, that you have remote workers. Connecting with them via video conferencing might be proving an issue as the latest Microsoft update to Windows 10 appears to have broken many USB video cameras.

We know that as online retailers become bigger they start outsourcing certain roles. It might be customer support or listing creation. It might be translation or order processing or perhaps something as mundane as your accounts. If you do outsource, tools like Skype are idea for keeping in touch but what do you do when your video stops working?

That’s the issue many are facing since the Windows 10 Anniversary Update rolled out this month. Microsoft changed the way that video streams from a camera work. Without being too complicated, it’s possible you may have more than one application wanting access to your camera, so rather than each application getting a raw video feed. The Windows Update means the MJPEG and H.264 feeds are processed once and all applications then need to access the processed feed. This cuts down on processing overheads.

The trouble is that not every application was ready for Microsoft’s change. That’s meant video cameras trying to access either MJPEG or H.264 have probably simply stopped working.

Microsoft are well aware of the issue which is hoped to be patched in September.

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