Update on eBay duplicate fee charges

By Dan Wilson August 23, 2016 - 9:44 pm

We reported last night that some sellers had been in touch reported erroneous charges on their eBay bill. In particular it seemed that some listings were being double charged.

We’ve been in touch with eBay and they have given us this comment:

“A bug is affecting some items meaning that sellers are being charged duplicate insertion fees upon revision.

Items that meet any of the following criteria may have been impacted:

– New listings
– New scheduled listings
– Listings that were GTC renewals
– New items that had extra featured fees (picture pack, large gallery, etc.)

As of today, August 23rd, a fix has been implemented. New listings and GTC renewals will no longer be impacted from that point forward.

A credit for any unintended fees will also be posted before the next billing cycle.”

It looks as though eBay is on the case and hopefully this will be resolved swiftly. But it’s always good practice to keep an eye on what you’re being charged on eBay so it’s well worth taking a look at your invoice to make sure everything is correct.

  • Andy R
    7 months ago

    Strange how every Ebay glitsch works in Ebay’s favour.

    Can’t ever remember one which resulted in sellers paying LESS fees.

  • Gary
    7 months ago

    Only a silly billy would report an ebay glitch that is in the sellers favour. That is why we don’t hear about them.

    • 7 months ago

      Surely the question is not ‘Are they reported’ but rather do they exist. I ask because I cannot remember one.

  • Steve
    7 months ago

    When eBay say “A credit for any unintended fees will also be posted before the next billing cycle” is that a credit to the sellers eBay account that will come off the next eBay invoice or a credit to the sellers bank account so the seller has access to their own money?

  • Gareth Barns
    7 months ago

    I managed to get refunded my duplicate listing fees. I’m betting eBay do well out of this and do not automatically refund all those affected – perhaps just those who take the time to complain about it having spotted this mistake.
    I hope from a professional perspective they take the time to message all their sellers and warn them about this issue, instead of burying the news and offering some sort of promotion that is only beneficial to a few private sellers with extra goods to sell.

  • Gareth Barns
    7 months ago

    So when are eBay are going to announce to everyone that they messed up and people have been double charged on some items, and when will they propose reimbursements for all those affected? As far as I can see they’ve deliberately remained silent.

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