Tamebay’s all new Daily Bulletin email

By Chris Dawson August 15, 2016 - 9:00 am

If you subscribe to Tamebay via email you’ve probably noticed it looks a little different this morning. We’ve given it a bit of an overhaul as well as replatformed the back end so that we can add further enhancements in the future.

The first thing you’ll notice about the email is that it’s a lot shorter. Much shorter in fact, previously we published the previous 24 hours content from Tamebay in its entirety. This wasn’t a problem a few years ago when we published two or three articles a day, but in recent times when we publish seven or eight articles daily and the email has gotten extremely long and unwieldy. Plus with some types of content (e.g. embedded video) were breaking the email and making it unreadable anyway.

That’s why we’ve taken the decision to publish a short excerpt from each article with links through to Tamebay. With WiFi and 3G/4G mobile networks it’s rare that you won’t be able to view the site when you’ve just downloaded the email so hopefully this won’t be too inconvenient.

We’ve also taken the redesign opportunity to create new content space on the email. We’ll be using this to highlight the latest TamebayTV videos, Tamebay Events, eBooks and any other content we think may be of interest to you but falls outside our normal editorial.

If you’re not already subscribed for our daily news bulletin, sign up today to get all our news delivered Monday to Friday straight to your inbox. If you’re an impatient type then follow us on Twitter or Facebook to get news the instant it’s published, or add our RSS feed to your reader.

  • Lee B
    10 months ago

    I preferred being able to read the whole of each post in the email. It wasn’t that long really.

    • Sam
      10 months ago

      Have to agree, I don’t like having to click on each article just to see if it is relevant to me or not.

    • 10 months ago

      It was far too long and especially unwieldy on mobile, which is an increasing number of Tamebay readers.

      We’ll keep an eye on feedback though and see what we can do: we should always be tweaking and improving.


    • Michael
      10 months ago

      I have to agree.

      I don’t have time to click and wait to see each article.

      That was the only reason I read your news every day. All were immediately in my mailbox.

      Dan, I also used my iPhone to read it, and all was fine. I don’t understand your arguments.

    • 10 months ago


      Sometimes the daily email was thousands of words long. The previous design was entirely unresponsive as well on mobile. This way you get title and a snippet. The intention is you’ll have enough to make the call to read more.

      We’re listening and will look at all the comments and see how we can continue to develop the email. We know lots of people like it.



  • Philip Stone
    10 months ago

    Sorry to give ‘negative feedback’ after after all your hard work (hope your ‘replatformed backend’ is feeling better!), but I got both old and new today, and there’s no contest.

    I never had any issue with length or usability. In fact it was superb, being able to sift and selectively read all your posts. At my leisure. Without constant clicking and web-page loading (only to find it’s a story that don’t need to read). Without incurring data charges. If I could even get data where I was.

    So, a massive step backward for me. Hope you can maintain a choice of trad format newsletter for us refuseniks?

    • Steven
      10 months ago

      As above. Really don’t like the new format…

    • 10 months ago


      Your comments are welcome because they are specific. And they show you care. We’re not scared of ‘negative feedback’. And rest assured the wider Tamebay team has read them.

      Thank you.


  • 10 months ago

    I agree with what the above comments are saying. New style is alot more cluttered and messy in comparison. Maybe a good business decision as you’ll be building organic CTR’s on the articles to increase traffic to the site that will therefore increase the advertising cost!

    • 10 months ago

      Well, the primary issue isn’t about advertising revenue. There are adverts in the email, after all. And they’ve been there years.

      Yes, of course, we want people to visit the website: that’s Tamebay. It is a website rather than an email. :o)

      It’s rather more about improving readability and encouraging more readers to engage in comments like here.

      I appreciate change is always annoying so we’ll keep a watching brief. I personally find the new design much improved on mobile.


  • Sam O'levski
    10 months ago

    I must be something of a dinosaur then, because I don’t get wifi reception at my workplace, and refuse to add yet another monthly bill (for mobile phone usage) to a very stretched budget, as I am in what is officially a deprived area.
    I used to get your email onto my laptop before leaving home, and could then read it offline later in the day.
    I too am one of those who hates waiting for pages to load – we don’t all have superfast broadband.
    Probably a good thing for most of your readers, but sadly for me, I’m one of those who will not be jumping up and down with glee.

  • Dave
    10 months ago

    I liked being able to continually scroll down and dip my attention in and out – Now I have to open 8 new windows if they’re all of interest. Got to say this is a downgrade.

    Whilst I don’t begrudge you the advertising space the current ad layout absolutely swamps your content. From an advertiser point of view, the content would also swamp the advert. Lose-lose

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