Sunny days, summer holidays and your ecommerce business

By Dan Wilson August 11, 2016 - 1:45 am

SummerNo matter where you are in the Northern Hemisphere, the summer school holidays are almost certainly currently right now in full swing. And, if you’re lucky, the weather should be good too in the next few weeks.

(For reference, I’m down here in Sussex and the weather hasn’t been too shabby at all this past week. Although readers in Scotland and Northern Ireland may be less excited by the forecasts.)

Let’s think about summer school holidays. As a rule of thumb, the sunnier the weather, the worse it goes for online shopping. Isn’t the online retailer prayer: “Let it rain?” At least in the UK anyway. How do your sales fare when the sun shines?

You may be further afield, in sunnier climes, or indeed far overseas. And there very hot weather is an incentive to shop online too. My cousin in Greece takes relief that she can shop online in the more than sultry heat of Corfu with ease. It would be madness to shop in the middle of the day there anyway. And she loves UK brands. So shopping on eBay, Amazon and elsewhere is a pleasant activity. Although she bemoans the delivery services available because they are slow and unreliable.

Anecdotally, it always seem to me that school hols in the UK (whether half-terms, Easter breaks or the Summer hols) are a down-time for marketplace sellers in the UK.

Would you agree?

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