Should you be selling on Halfords marketplace?

By Chris Dawson August 3, 2016 - 10:30 am

Halfords Marketplace smIt’s just over a year since the Halfords marketplace launched in the UK and it’s already one of the most successful high street retailer owned marketplace in the UK.

Today Halfords have around 120 third party merchants trading on the platform which is powered by Mirakl. That’s a four fold increase from this time last year when they had around 30 third party merchants.

There are other retailers with bolt on marketplaces, notably Tesco and Game in the UK. Tesco appear to have stalled their marketplace plans and it’s still invitation only. Currently Tesco have bigger problems to worry about with increased competition and disposing of non-core businesses such as coffee shops and garden centres. That’s put their marketplace on the back burner as they decide which direction to take it in.

Halfords however are happily motoring along. Sure 120 third party retailers is a far cry from eBay’s estimated 250,000 odd sellers in the UK, but in terms of other high street retailer marketplaces it’s massive.

If you’re selling products suitable for Halfords which will complement their inhouse range then it’s worth applying to become an approved Halfords marketplace partner.

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