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By Chris Dawson August 2, 2016 - 10:30 am

Parcelly featFor almost two years now, Parcelly has been on a mission to simplify parcel deliveries, enabling those with unused storage capacity to capitalise on this space and generate revenue by becoming a parcel collection point. Before today, this service was limited to trusted business owners who make up Parcelly’s 600+ strong Parcelly network, which continues to grow by the day.

The launch of ‘Parcelly Agent’ extends Parcelly’s current service proposition. Designed primarily for rural areas, Parcelly Agent is aimed at trusted neighbours who are already accepting parcels on a regular basis or would like to start supporting their local community, plus they’ll be paid a small fee for each parcel they handle.

Parcelly Agent makes sense for rural communities where you may have no immediate neighbours. It’s much more preferable to drive to the nearest village than to drive 30 miles to the next town to pick up your package.

There’s a smartphone app (iPhone only) to run everything although if you want to book a collection you can use the web.

It’s an interesting proposition and remains to be seen if consumers are willing to pay for the convenience, especially if they’ve been used to their neighbour taking in parcels anyway. Perhaps your neighbours are done with being kind though and are fed up with acting as a free parcel collection point… paying may just be a fairer option all round – what do you think?

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