eBay UK launches plus size fashion hub

By Dan Wilson August 17, 2016 - 5:43 pm

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 17.18.43eBay has launched a plus size fashion hub for womenswear. Billed as Curve Fashion it show cases clothes in sizes 18 to 36. You can view it here.

The hub includes items from Very, Boohoo, Littlewoods, Figleaves and other brands. Apparently the dedicated plus-size hub was created in response to consumer demand. According to eBay, last month alone 180,000 plus-size womenswear items were sold per week.

To accompany the selection of goods there are also shopping and style guides as well as curated “collections” to tempt you in. You can also use the Shop the Look feature to find items to buy. All in all it’s quite neat.

This is another examples of eBay’s direction. By creating specific hubs for high demand products they can hopefully tempt in more buyers to buy more. Curated content and buying guides help with SEO and also engage shoppers in a creative way. Expect to see more eBay developments along these lines.

  • 5 years ago

    It would have been nice if eBay had filtered out the sizes to show only 18+ – 8 out of the first 10 listings in Lingerie are actually only up to size 14.

  • John
    5 years ago

    It must be awful to be tagged a “plus” sized women. Is the average women in the UK now a “plus size”? Maybe they should call it Mainstream Fashion?

    As a guy, once you get above 34/36″ waist the shops you can shop in diminish rapidly, until its only Costco and M&S that you can buy from!! I once went into Hackett and nothing they had fitted me – I asked why and they said they now cater for the young, slim fitting customer! Says it all really.

    • Sam O'levski
      5 years ago

      Much as I dislike many things about extreme feminism, I really think this is one case where the label ‘plus size’ is rather derogatory and should be outlawed, or some sort of boycott organised against body-shaming.
      Slimmer is generally healthier, but it cannot be right to lump what is probably the majority of the population into a negative description – can you imagine the outcry if it was something like ‘fatties corner’, as it’s not far off of that.
      It’s quite possible to look sexy and feminine whatever the size, and who can forget the revolting appearance of a certain footballer’s wife who resembled an underfed stick insect at one point, despite calling herself ‘posh’ ?

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