eBay Seller Release: Seller Hub to launch this Autumn

By Chris Dawson August 30, 2016 - 1:03 pm

Seller Hub homeeBay had already verbally told us that Seller Hub is coming to the UK, but now they’ve put it in writing. Bringing together your selling activity and eBay tools in one place Seller Hub will be available and free to use for all business sellers, from Autumn 2016.

Bearing in mind that even Selling Manager Pro (SMP) cost a fiver a month unless you had a featured shop, Seller Hub for free is not only a pretty good deal but it is the first time in living memory that eBay have updated their entire suite of selling management tools.

You don’t have to use Seller Hub, plus if you opt in, you can opt-out at any time but we’d suggest you join the waiting list for Seller Hub to get early access. Also if you log into you can have a look today to see what to expect when Seller Hub launches in the UK.

To read more about which tools Seller Hub replaces (everything from SMP to Reports and Dashboards for Sales, Seller Costs, Traffic and Seller Standards and Listing Tools), have a look at our earlier blog post which includes screen shots.

  • 7 months ago

    Hi Chris,
    I think its due out October here in the UK ?

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