eBay Seller Release: Good ‘Til Cancelled format available to all sellers

By Chris Dawson August 31, 2016 - 10:00 pm

eBay GTC FormatFrom the 1st of November 2016, eBay are making the Good ‘Til Cancelled (GTC) listing format available to all sellers. Everyone will be able to list using the GTC listing format without any requirements such as having an eBay shop.

Benefits of Good ‘Til Cancelled listing

  • Longer item history: Use a GTC listing to build up item history over time, such as the number of watchers or your total items sold. Listings with longer item history may get better search visibility.
  • Building a reputation: Potential buyers can see how many items you’ve sold and the Feedback from those sales. This promotes trust and could drive repeat purchases.
  • Easier listings management: Your listings will never expire as long as you have the item in stock. That means more time to spend on other parts of your business and less time relisting.
  • Out-of-stock option: Keep the listing active even when all of the items are sold. This is ideal if you’re expecting to restock the item soon and you want to retain the item history.

You will of course be charged every 30 days as GTC listings renew.

  • 10 months ago

    I just heard about this,
    It sounds like smaller sellers will win by having this feature… especially if they do not currently subscribe to an eBay shop.

    • Steven
      10 months ago

      Any legit business has a shop and already uses this feature. Struggling to see the point of making it available to sellers that have chosen to not subscribe to a shop. Other than to annoy sellers that do splash the cash on a shop…

    • tinker
      10 months ago

      its obvious
      so more dozy sods and dreamers list items that never sell GTC

    • Steve
      10 months ago

      So this month they announce no more support from Ireland for Shop subscribers and now free GTC listings for everyone so when will they announce slashing the subscription prices for the shops now they are slashing the benefits ?

      Don’t hold your breath because it wont be any time soon :-)

    • JD
      10 months ago

      What is not clear to me is whether, or not, GTC listings will be available to Private Sellers (without a shop).

    • Steven
      10 months ago
  • Andy
    10 months ago

    “Potential buyers can see how many items you’ve sold and the Feedback from those sales” makes it sound easy for a buyer to access feedback on a particular item, which it isn’t. Linking feedback to its listing would help both buyer and seller, much like threading Ebay messages would.

  • David T
    10 months ago

    So the Tamebay article was inaccurate then – quite a big point missed there.

  • steve
    10 months ago

    so just what are the ‘features and benfits’ show subscribers will continue to enjoy…..

    • Gary
      10 months ago

      Shop subscribers have lower listing fees. If you list more than 65 items monthly a shop subscription is a no brainer.

    • Steve
      10 months ago

      Shop subscribers are now getting less benefits above a regular seller for the same fees as before maybe its time for eBay to add some new benefits to replace the ones now taken away or offered to all or maybe even reduce the cost of subscription

      Double the shop inclusive listing allowances would be a good start

  • Ian A
    10 months ago

    Great news. As I cancelled my shop subscription.. that I can have this feature again :)

  • 10 months ago

    GTC is nightmare..

    You appear to be lost in the best match search terms if it is listed more than 2 months..

    your best bet is to let the listing finish after 30 days then click sell similar (not relist) as eBay like new stuff.. promise you this will work better.

    Scanvengerlife podcasts reported that an eBay rep told them not to have listings over 3 months old.. just sell similar each 30 days to be clear of being lost in the search…

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