eBay Seller Release: Category and IS Changes plus New Vaping Categories

By Chris Dawson August 30, 2016 - 1:00 pm

Item Specifics featAs is normal for a seller release, there’s a bit of house keeping going on and eBay are to make a few Category and Item Specific changes.

The aim is to simplify categories to improve alignment across markets, making it easier for you to sell on eBay’s international sites. Some are simple name changes but eBay will also be adding, removing and moving some categories.

eBay say “If you list in an affected category, we’ll automatically move your listing to the most relevant category. We also recommend that you update your listings with suggested item specifics for more relevant search results”.

This is the most tedious part of selling on eBay. Having meticulously gone through all of your listings carefully adding item specifics to make sure your product can be found, you now have to do it all over again. Of course eBay have bulk edit tools and of course they’re pretty useless in this instance as every listing will have it’s own unique attributes.

Getting these Item Specific attributes into eBay’s structured data is a ton of work, so check out our “Ultimate Guide to eBay Item Specifics for eBay Sellers to find out the essential remedial work you need to undertake immediately and what can be safely left for another day.

New vaping categories on eBay

Along the lines of the manner in which eBay have relaxed their view on sales of booze and sex toys, from October eBay will allow the sale of vaping and e-cigarette products. Sales will only be allowed to UK customers.

Two new subcategories will appear in the Health & Beauty category on eBay UK from October. They will be:

  • Vape Pens, E-Cigarettes & Accessories
  • Vaporizers

You will need permission from eBay to list in either of these categories – they want to know that you’re reputable and reliable so you’ll need to:

  • 1. Have an active eBay UK business account
  • 2. Have your stock located in the United Kingdom
  • 3. Comply with our Tobacco policy and our Prohibited items policy
  • 4. Use a carrier with age verification on delivery
  • 5. Specify in your item descriptions that buyers must be 18+

You’ll also need to sign a contract with eBay agreeing to meet, and continue meeting, the rules for selling in these categories. If you’re interested in getting started then fill out the registration form available on eBay.

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