eBay Seller Hub UK launch coming this Autumn

eBay announced in Manchester at the eBay Connect event that the new Seller Hub is coming to the UK this Autumn.

Seller Hub is now available to all sellers listing on eBay.com, but we’ll be getting it here in the UK soon and they’re also working on a mobile app version.

So what’s so great about Seller Hub? Well you know all those tools you use on a daily basis – Selling Manager, eBay Messages, Resolution Centre, Monitoring, Seller Reports, Returns, Shipping and Tracking… Take a look at them – they’re all in separate places on the eBay site. None of them link together. Sometimes they appear (and actually do!) show conflicting information. They’ve not even got a consistent design with a totally different look and feel.

Seller Hub will change all of this, it’s been rebuilt from the ground up with everything you need to run your eBay business bought together in a single dashboard. You can configure the home page to show the information you need up front. Plus if you have a message from a customer you can click from the message to check the tracking and process a refund if needed all within the same tool. You can even bulk process actions for multiple transactions if you need to do so.

Without wishing to be too rude about them, most of eBay’s current suite of tools are way outdated, cumbersome to use, look like they were designed in 1999 (often because they were) and have changed little other than the occasional face lift over the years.

The new tools are not only shinier and work better, you’ll get more functionality too. eBay are promising to give you data to help you grow your business and that means goodbye to the ridiculous 90 days lookback. eBay will give you two years of history and aim to grow that in the future.

I’m looking forward to the new seller hub. I think you’ll like it. I’d suggest you sign up as soon as it’s available to give it a try.

Seller Hub replaces:

The eBay Seller Hub will consolidate the full functionality of:

  • Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro
  • Reports and dashboards for Sales, Seller Costs, Traffic and Seller Standards
  • And the ability to create and edit listing

If you have an eBay Shop subscription you’ll also be able to access:

  • eBay Shops
  • Promotions Manager
  • Promoted Listings

Seller Hub Key Functions

  • Monitor the overall status of your business
  • Receive metrics on the current performance of your business including:
    • The ability to produce eBay Postage labels
    • The ability to add tracking numbers
    • The ability to print invoices in bulk
    • The ability to manage returns and cancellations
  • Access insights and guidance that can help you grow your business
  • Manage your listings and orders including; producing eBay Postage labels, adding tracking numbers, printing invoices in bulk and managing returns and cancellations.
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well this seems like fantastic news. these features have been severely lacking for a long time. eBay messaging is a complete joke, so it's long overdue time to fix it. I just hope its an actual fix and not an excuse to hide more data-mining in the code, and end up slowing everything down. wish i could just trust ebay to do things right for once. i cant.

james • 11th August 2016 •

I would recommend signing in to the US site and taking a look at this before it reaches us here in the UK as the layout is very different from what we are used to. On thing I found was to be aware of the separate sections for "ended listings" and "unsold ended listings" as I came close to re listing one off items I had already sold (I do list on the US site as well as UK)

radroach • 11th August 2016 •

Will the traffic reports be any use? Since they replaced Omniture there hasn't been a suitable replacement put forward by Ebay.

paddy • 11th August 2016 •

Autumn?? Just as the Xmas sales start to build?? Just as customer thought are turning to xmas presents for friends and family.?? Is this another indication that ebay management pay less attention to sales, developing sales, informing customers, advertising and marketing and more on tinkering with an already unstable platform? Autumn focus should be fully directed to sales and selling, nothing else matters more at that time. Tinker away in the new year ffs!

mw • 11th August 2016 •