eBay Open Virtual Conference

By Chris Dawson August 4, 2016 - 2:23 pm

eBay Open  virtual conferenceIf like many you didn’t make the trip to the eBay Open event held in Las Vegas last week don’t despair. eBay have made the keynote sessions and many of the workshops available to watch online as an eBay Open Virtual Conference.

You’ll be able to watch the opening keynotes by Devin Wenig and then Hal Lawton, eBay SVP of North America. Also available are sessions on marketing on eBay, listings that sell, new seller tools, shipping tools, reputation management, cross border selling and managing your eBay business.

There are apparently about 16 hours of video content available plus you’ll find each exhibitor at the event also has information to help you decide if they could help you grow your business.

  • tinker
    11 months ago

    too busy watching paint dry and grass grow

  • Techno-Liam
    11 months ago

    Wheres the bar?………….nah i wouldn’t turn up.

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