eBay Ireland to retire dated Easy Lister

By Chris Dawson August 18, 2016 - 10:10 am

eBay  Easy ListereBay are removing the Easy Lister tool from eBay Ireland from the 1st of September.

Easy Lister is a pretty old tool with some lovely bright eBay colours which were retired from eBay UK forms many years ago. It will of course be replaced with the existing advanced sell your item form which is available to all sellers.

On, eBay don’t use Easy Lister but have an alternative ‘Quick Listing’ tool as an alternative to the Advanced Selling Form. The advantage of eBay’s more basic listing flows is for casual or novice sellers many of the more advanced options are hidden saving confusion.

If you are a casual seller, my advice would be to forget about eBay’s listing forms and sell your items using your smart phone. It’s much easier and slicker than any of eBay’s online selling forms and as an added bonus you can of course take your product photos with your mobile within the eBay app.

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