EMAIL’s ‘Emma’ back to school TV advert

By Chris Dawson August 3, 2016 - 10:20 am have launched their summer TV Advert campaign which follows ‘Emma’ as she grows up from a cute child to a young adult.

There’s a lot more to Emma than her classic round glasses. She grew up loving the colour green: from the green belt she earned chopping bricks in karate and riding her green bike in style with her boombox to cooking up experimental green tea in the lab. Emma has always found there’s more with eBay.

The advert focuses on “find your more on eBay” and this particular incantation directs viewers to to “shop brand new back to school laptops today”.

  • james
    10 months ago

    i hate literally everything about that ad.
    especially the tea-making (or not-making) machine.

    Emma wastes time making mousetrap-like devices to pour boiling water about the place.
    it’s useful only if you’ve already done all the teamaking and sit your cup right where the boiling water will be, otherwise, Emma’s a danger to society.

    also sounds a lot like ” find your moron ebay”, which fits rather well.

  • TInker
    10 months ago

    that heath Robinson tea making device is an adapted ebay anti fraud monitor