Check in with Tamebay at eBay Connect

By Dan Wilson August 8, 2016 - 11:11 pm

eBay ConnectThe eBay Connect event is coming up this week in Manchester and we hope that it will be a good opportunity to meet as many Tamebay readers as possible. Will you be attending?

Sadly, I can’t make it but fellow editor Chris Dawson will be there and involved with some of the sessions and, of course, he’ll likely be propping up the bar afterwards in true time-honoured Tamebay fashion. So do seek him out. He likes to natter.

It’s a good thing that eBay is putting on an event like this with talks and panels. It’s a really good opportunity to connect with fellow sellers, meet eBay staff and talk eBay. Hopefully those who attend will emerge enlightened, energised and enthused. It’s also good that the event isn’t being held in London. It’s good to get out of the capital’s gravitational pull and welcome the numerous sellers who operate in and around Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield, Newcastle, Birmingham and Liverpool. (Of course, being in Brighton everywhere in the UK is the North for me.)

We also do know that quite a number of readers haven’t been able to procure tickets to the occasion so Chris will be reporting back to reveal any big news or developments that comes out of the event. And don’t forget that we’d love to hear your perspectives too so drop us a line if you want to share your experiences.

Here’s to a successful eBay Connect.

  • DBL
    1 year ago

    Looking forward to it ?

  • 1 year ago

    I’ll be there too, should be interesting and hopefully constructive.

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