Amazon repricing slow to process

By Chris Dawson August 25, 2016 - 2:38 pm

Amazon appear to be having a few problems with their MWS Subscriptions API and even their own repricing solution.

Users are reporting that price notification either aren’t coming through or aren’t being processed. Changes made by Amazon MWS Subscriptions API are taking sometimes hours to show up.

Another sellers notes that their repricing feeds is being accepted and marked processed as successful however the prices are not getting through to Amazon front end so buyers are still paying the old price. Plus of course if your pricing isn’t competitive you’re either losing money if you’re too cheap or losing sales if you’re too expensive.

Have you noticed any issues with your API feeds to Amazon? Let us know if you’re also seeing glitches.

  • We have had a case open with Amazon since 31st July as their own repricer is not working for us (latest response yesterday to say they are still working on the issue. No feedback on what the issue is).
    Tried numerous rules on different products but to no avail.

    • 1 year ago

      Hi Michael.

      We would happily offer you a 2 month free trial of XSellco Price Manager – Basic. It has more features than Amazon’s Repricer and should have you up and running repricing again.

      Please contact me at and we will get you all set up.


  • Hi Michael

    That’s a long time to wait for a response!

    We’re seeing a number of customers trialling Amazon’s own repricing tool only to come back to RepricerExpress within a matter of days when they realise how basic it is and how quickly it can drop your prices to Minimum.

    We can also offer you a free trial—just get in touch with customer support via live chat or

    • Steve
      1 year ago

      I thought he whole idea of a repriceing tool is to undercut the competition and gain sales?

      The flaw in the idea is when all sellers are using the same type of tools it becomes a race to the bottom as the sellers give up profit for placement to offer the best price available until nobody is making any money.

  • 1 year ago

    Amazons repricer works for us and eventually they will get it right plus it’s free a lot better then ending up in a contract with a paid for repricer it’s like having another tax on your margins

  • Michael
    1 year ago

    Personally, l don’t want to give all my pricing info to Amazon (my biggest competitor).

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