123-Reg update password policy requirements

By Chris Dawson August 29, 2016 - 1:49 pm

123-Reg feat123-Reg, one of the best known Domain Registrars has changed their password policy. If you’re a 123-Reg customer you’ll need to either change your password before the 1st of September to meet their new standard, or the first time you log in after the 1st you’ll have to go through a password reset procedure.

The new 123-Reg password requirements are to have:

  • Eight or more characters
  • A mix of lower and upper case English letters
  • At least one number (0-9)
  • At least one special character from: ! $ % ^ & * > ( ) – _ = + } { # @ ‘ : ; . , < / | ? “
  • At least four unique characters
  • No more than two repeated characters together (eg. hhh)
  • No number sequences (eg. 5678)

For security 123-Reg will NOT be sending out emails with reset links in to their users, the only time you’ll get a reset link emailed to you is when you’ve specifically requested one on the 123-Reg website with their password reset process.

123-Reg said “We do understand that such changes may appear arduous. However, these new standards have been created to ensure the security of your business. Therefore, as part of our commitment to constantly review our security measures these updates are being enforced so that we continue to protect our customers“.

While you’re busy changing your 123-Reg password, it’s not a bad idea to review passwords for all the important services that you use.

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