Was Amazon Prime Day 2 a success?

By Dan Wilson July 13, 2016 - 5:03 pm

Prime Day 2016Yesterday saw the second Amazon Prime day. Prime subscribers were given access to thousands of discount deals with the aim of giving them a further perk in the programme and hopefully generate a sales spike in an otherwise dull retailing week.

It seems to have been a success, according to social media analysts visibrain who say that online comments were much more positive than last time. Because don’t forget that last year wasn’t an unqualified success with many shoppers grumbling that the deals were unimpressive and uninspiring.

Anecdotally I’d say that the scope and nature of the deals looked more varied and attractive than last year. That said, I did buy some items on Amazon yesterday but none of them were from the Prime Day promo. That’s part of the halo effect that Prime Day brings. Consumers are brought to the site and hopefully they buy something. Even if they don’t, it keeps Amazon front of mind.

It’s clear that Prime is here to stay and Amazon is going to continue promoting it with Prime Days and further features. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has said he wants Prime subscription to be the “responsible choice” because to not have it would be costing you money.

But of most importance is how it worked for you. Did you participate in the deals and see a surge of sales? And even if you were’t part of the promo, did you get a boost. Let us know.

  • Bryn
    1 year ago

    Had couple of deals on DE and UK and DE was fantastic. Uk good. Will make more effort next year and get more stock prepared.

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