Tips for surfing the Amazon Prime Day wave

By Dan Wilson July 5, 2016 - 10:42 pm

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Amazon’s second Amazon Prime Day is coming up next week on the 12th of July, as we reported.

It’s a cunning marketing ploy to get some summer cheer into sales and 100,000 deals will be offered to the millions of Prime members worldwide.

If you’re an FBA seller, you’ll likely benefit from the event. But even if you’re not an FBA seller then you’ll hopefully see a boost in sales nonetheless. Any sort of bonanza event like this is good for keeping Amazon front of mind in buyers’ minds and there should be a traffic spike.

So how can you make the best of Prime day? Here are some ideas relevant to all Amazon merchants:

Get your prices in order: The days about deals so ensure that you’ve optimised all your prices and get your repricer firing on all cylinders. If you’re not using a repricer, check out the field in the Tamebay Guide.

Sort out promotions: If you haven’t got to grips with the various promotion tools on Amazon, such as free postage, gin up now and consider if promoting some of your key lines is the way forward next week. Here’s Amazon UK’s relevant help page.

Consider the Sponsored Products feature: Amazon’s programme called Sponsored Products means that you can promote specific lines. Think of it like Google Adwords, but on Amazon. If you’re new to it, Prime Day is a good day to dip a toe in the waters. If you’re a veteran, then make sure your keywords are all in order and you’re promoting the right lines.

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