The exporting upside of Sterling’s slump for eBay and Amazon sellers

By Dan Wilson July 6, 2016 - 3:09 am

One of the upsides of the post-Brexit uncertainty might be an exporting opportunity for marketplace sellers. Could UK sellers be bagging a Brexit beano as GBP slumps?

If you are not already selling overseas, now must the time to take the plunge. The exchange rate with the Euro and, even more the dollar, makes the UK a really decent trading partner right now.

And whatever happens, the UK is still at least two years away from Brexit. So there’s not much reason to be glum in the short term. Anecdotal evidence from traders selling into the EU right now suggests there are rich pickings. If you have previously rejected the idea of international selling, even just within the EU, then now might be the time for a rethink.

Here are some of the features we’d recommend:

Amazon: If you’re already happily selling on Amazon then it’s really very easy to extend your exports. With a few clicks the average UK Amazon seller can be selling into Germany, France, Italy and Spain immediately. That will greatly extend your customer base. Find out more here.

eBay: The Global Shipping Programme (GSP) is an easy way to ship into international markets. All you need to do is opt in and then ship your wares to the UK depot and eBay do the rest. Buyers pay additional shipping and you can be trading with customers around the world with very little hassle in no times at all.

And what about other marketplaces?: There are stacks of other EU marketplaces that will welcome UK sellers and your glittering inventory. Check them out.

Needless to say, it’s not all good news. If you’re buying in your stock from overseas then you’ll be subject to a dismal state of affairs right now with bad exchange rates. The weakness of sterling won’t help there. But for others there is an opportunity.

How are you feeling right now regarding exports?

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