NearSt 1-Hour delivery aims to take on Amazon

By Chris Dawson July 17, 2016 - 4:26 pm

NearStHow do you set up a new business to compete with the likes of Amazon, who can deliver just about anything tomorrow, if not today, faster cheaper and more efficiently than any other retailer on the High Street or online?

The answer is not to try and compete, but find a different niche which sets you apart and that’s exactly what new start up NearSt aims to do.

NearSt are out there to challenge Amazon, but not by spending more on infrastructure, they’re aiming to use the systems that retailers already have in place. To see how canny their idea is, it’s worth remembering that once upon a time a guy called Jeff Bezos started selling books from his garage and whenever he got an order he’d run to the nearest bookstore to purchase a copy and ship it.

NearSt are doing the same, expect that they won’t run to a bookshop to retrieve your chosen book. They’ll tell you which is the nearest bookshop so that you can click and collect instantly, or if that’s too much effort you can opt to have the book delivered to you within the hour by scooter or bike for just a fiver carriage.

The founders set up NearSt with one simple goal – to get people back into their local shops. Currently they’re working with book shops in London, but they’re expanding into new categories such as consumer electronics, DIY, cosmetics and sporting goods. They’ve also got plans to spread out into other UK cities before taking on the UK, the US and the rest of the world.

I like the concept, it’s like Amazon but without Amazon’s fulfilment warehouses and logistics operations. It’s supporting high street businesses and local shops but still gives consumers the modern shopping conveniences that they love – easy purchase with near instant gratification of click and collect or delivery within the hour.

If you’d like to sign your business up to NearSt you can register on their website.

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