Mastering web content, Romford: 19/7/16

By Dan Wilson July 8, 2016 - 2:53 pm

Enterprise Nation will be holding an event in Romford that examines the some of the issues related to writing successful web content. It’s coming up on the 19th July and will be held at Romford Town Hall.

To find out more and bag a free place (there are some conditions) visit the event page here.

As they say of the event: “Hear from digital director of 123-reg and web content pro, Nick Leech, on how turn browsers into buyers. Learn how to write copy for your website that will attract visitors and keep attracting them back. Nick has a wide knowledge in all areas of creating a home on the web and can answer your questions on how to register a domain, build a website and make the most of digital technologies.”

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