Lengow global partnership with Microsoft Bing Shopping

By Chris Dawson July 21, 2016 - 12:49 pm

LengowLengow today announced a new global partnership with Microsoft, integrating Bing Shopping into their feed management solution for online retailers. This service is now available in the United Kingdom, France, and Germany, enabling businesses to reach more European customers within hours once installed.

As Microsoft’s preferred technology partner to roll out Bing Shopping in Europe, Lengow will enable online retailers to optimise, manage and promote their product catalogue on Bing Shopping. Microsoft’s new marketing channel will be joining Lengow’s centralised platform which hosts marketplaces, comparison shopping engines, retargeting platforms, social networks, etc., used in over 45 countries.

Microsoft Bing Ads“This exciting new partnership with Microsoft offers the chance for online retailers to reach over 615 million unique users, on Bing’s worldwide Network*, by publishing their product catalogue on this channel,” says Mickael Froger, Lengow’s co-founder & CEO.

The partnership is aimed at meeting the evolving challenges faced by online retailers in an increasingly global and cross-border ecommerce market. Lengow clients can have Bing Shopping up and running in a few hours versus the months it can take to set this up manually and enables them to accelerate business in Europe in no time. The company’s platform makes planning, managing and optimising even the most complex, international multi-channel strategy easy and efficient, saves time and reduces customer acquisition costs by up to 40%. These campaigns offer more precision, more flexibility and a better overview of the performance of product announcements.

Bing Shopping is one of the latest products to be developed by Microsoft Search Advertising, in the field of search marketing. It is available in several countries, including the UK, France and Germany.

“We are delighted to integrate with Lengow platform and therefore offer the Bing Shopping service to ecommerce players and allow them to be ever more effective in their digital marketing campaigns,” said Cedric Chambaz, European Marketing Director at Microsoft Search Advertising. “Visual representation is having an increasing impact on brand and product image. Bing Shopping is giving Lengow’s clients the ability to bring product image to the forefront of SEO campaigns, which will be ever more targeted and personalised for the benefit of customer experience and engagement.”

If you’d like to find out more about Bing Shopping with Lengow and to meet the Lengow team, their Lengow Day 2016 in Paris on the 27th September is the place to be.

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