EMAIL launches new Partner Insights Program

By Dan Wilson July 15, 2016 - 12:49 am is big news over the pond in the USA, as we’ve written about before. We’re really interested as to whether and when they will be launching in the UK and Europe.

And in the US they’ve launched Jet Partner Insights which is all about helping sellers understand the marketplace and figure out what they should be selling. It sounds like a great initiative that will help sellers make product purchasing decisions and price appropriately.

As they say: “Jet allows partners to see how competitive their market prices are, which prices aren’t competitive and the top products on By making strategic changes, retailers can use this information to gain sales, revenue and compete on a fair marketplace.”

Market Prices: Compare your prices to the best available offers on Jet, and ensure you’re always competitive on your products (Jet’s algorithm selects winning merchants based on your submitted item price + shipping – commissions). You can also leverage the Sales Data API to retrieve this data.

Noncompetitive SKUs: Retailers review items that are not sufficiently price-competitive to be sold on the Jet marketplace (mispriced items are removed from to ensure an excellent shopping experience and to maintain trust with shoppers). Adjust your prices, shipping settings, and/or commissions to increase competitiveness and return items to site listing.

Top Jet SKUs: Retailers are able to view top selling Jet products in each category to guide you in your assortment decisions.

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