Is Amazon struggling to fulfil Prime Day 2016 orders?

By Dan Wilson July 16, 2016 - 2:53 am

Prime Day 2016Amazon enjoyed huge sales on Tuesday last as part of their Amazon Prime Day 2. Indeed, Amazon claimed it was their biggest day ever, outselling even Black Friday last year. For ref: Amazon Prime day was Tuesday July 12th 2016.

But there seems to be concern that Amazon hasn’t been able to keep up with demand. Such is the surge of orders, it is hardly surprising that they might be struggling.

As Tamebay commenter Luke said on Friday afternoon: “I ordered on Prime Day and my order still hasn’t arrived – I emailed them 24 hours ago and they still haven’t got back to me.”

And then I reflected on my own Amazon Prime purchases made on Tuesday. I haven’t received a Prime Day purchase either. They emailed me on Friday morning to say it would arrive on Friday. It was a direct purchase from Amazon and was to be delivered by Amazon Fulfilment. By midnight Friday it still hasn’t arrived. This would suggest that the Amazon Fulfilment infrastructure is wobbling under the stress of Prime Day demand.

Usually Amazon is very successful in meeting its delivery promises. But they may have been surprised by the surge in orders from Prime Day 2016.

Have you experienced similar delivery problems when receiving your Prime Day purchases?

  • Martin
    1 year ago

    Ordered a laptop and 2 new ethernet cables from amazon using Prime on Tuesday. By noon Wednesday they had arrived.
    Ordered other stuff from merchants not using Prime and only a couple had arrived by 3pm Friday. All but one was marked as sent Tuesday, the one that was marked sent on Thursday arrived on Friday!

    Overall some great savings from both merchants and amazon. Just wish 3rd party sellers could get items delivered quicker. Monday now before can receive stuff – at the earliest.

  • Tom
    1 year ago

    My personal experience is the opposite.
    I placed 8 orders – all separately to take advantage of the “No Rush” option which gives you a free £3 credit towards Pantry orders. Also on Prime Day if you spent £50 on Pantry you got £10 discount. So all in all I placed a Pantry order for £56 and paid £22 (!!!) which was all either big heavy stuff thats a pain to buy in a supermarket or the Pantry price was already cheaper than the cupermarket pre – discount.
    The Pantry order AND all 8 “No Rush” orders were delivered on Wednesday and without a single error / broken biscuit / replacement – Perfect. I’m well impressed and will certainly be participating next year – hopefully as a supplier. Well done Amazon.

  • peter stanley
    1 year ago

    I just ordered a single dvd on prime day it was dispatched Tuesday and arrived Wednesday by Royal Mail as it was supposed to do, so all good for me.

  • Luke
    1 year ago

    An update regarding my delivery – it arrived this morning!

    However, still no communication/apology from Amazon. Quite disappointing really.

  • 1 year ago

    We had a Prime Day Deal, we sold a months stock in 4 hours. On checking, Prime Day orders were still shipping on Friday, I even have one as showing today. That said, we haven’t had one complaint, so it does look like Amazon is communicating with the customer.

  • Tinker
    1 year ago

    Clearly, still have not received my personaility.

    So therefore i shall continue posting negative comments on every post.

    • some ones tinkering with tinker
      1 year ago

      there is more than one tinker on this site lol

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