Free publicity in partnership with eBay

By Chris Dawson July 12, 2016 - 12:40 pm

Do you want some free publicity for your online business? eBay are looking for successful sellers in some of the outlying areas of the UK to promote as case studies in the media.

To be chosen you will of course sell on eBay, although naturally your business may also sell on other sites and you may or may not have a traditional bricks and mortar side to your business. The important thing is that you’re active on eBay and eBay selling forms a part of your business which you’re happy to talk about to the press.

eBay are looking for successful sellers in:
UK Map1) Shetland Islands
2) Melton
3) Purbeck
4) Selby
5) North Norfolk
6) Mid Suffolk
7) Rutland
8) West Devon
9) Mole Valley
10) Cotswold

If your business is based in any of the above areas of the UK, drop an email to with your name, business name, email address and eBay User ID and we’ll forward your details on to eBay.

  • Andy R
    11 months ago

    Outlying areas?

    Rutland ??
    Cotswold ???

    Do they have a map of the UK at Ebay, or only a map of Luxembourg?

    11 months ago

    bet Selby are pleased to hear their outlying

  • 11 months ago

    Outlying Areas? Some of them are in what could be described as Daily Commuting Distance from London. If that is the limit of ebay’s geographic knowledge of the UK then we are really in trouble.

  • Andy R
    11 months ago

    You’ve missed out Birmingham – another outlying area.

    Anyway, what have these “outlying” areas done to be singled out to be part of Ebay’s propaganda machine?

    11 months ago

    selby is so remote it even has a section of the A1 motorway lol

    11 months ago

    these days
    remote =
    poor postage service , slow internet speeds, bad mobile phone signal,

    we have been to parts of southern England with an internet service of a desert island

  • Alan McClary
    11 months ago

    What about West Cornwall . I live only 5 miles from Lands End cant get more “outlying” than that .

    11 months ago

    we could live in outer space as far as ebay are concerned were a few billion miles away from any customer support