Flubit have ads on TV, so why aren’t you selling on Flubit?

By Chris Dawson July 27, 2016 - 10:20 am

FlubitIf there’s one new UK marketplace you might want to consider adding to your multichannel operations this year it’s Flubit. If you already sell on Amazon then all your products are available on Flubit so why wouldn’t you?

Flubit are growing and raising their profile with TV ads currently being aired on Dave, Sky Sports DMAX and Kiss. If consumers are going to be shopping at Flubit then it makes sense you add your inventory and are in with a shout of winning the deals.

You can sign up at weflubit and the chances are high that your multichannel management software already supports Flubit so integration should be relatively painless.

Here’s the Flubit ad we spotted on the TV:

  • Harry T
    11 months ago

    Been selling with them for around 6 months now and it’s given a nice little uplift in a few categories – good to see on TV.

  • Lisa B
    11 months ago

    Saw this snippet on email today, and decided to pose as a customer to buy my own product on Flubite. Product 1 sells for £25 on amazon, Flubit sold it to me for £21.75, then I saw the dropship come through my amazon account.
    Product 2 sells for £12. They offered it to me for £15.15 and told me it was great saving.

    What a con!

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