Etsy reports payment disbursement problems

By Dan Wilson July 7, 2016 - 3:09 am

Etsy has been reporting problems with disbursement to sellers. As a result of a third party problem, payments to merchants have been slow, delayed or incorrect.

Here’s the comment on Etsy:

“As is reported on Etsy’s third-party payment processor continues to have a technical issue that is resulting in delays in payment processing. We are still working closely with them to resolve the delay in payment confirmation and we will continue to provide updates here as we work towards resolution.”

It’s worth noting that Etsy is being very open and honest in how it’s approaching this problem. And that is welcome. Have you been impacted?

  • Claire
    1 year ago

    We’ve been hit by this a few times this week. It has already been noted by us how upfront Etsy is in fessing up to issues which is more than I can say for eBay and Amazon. Etsy always seem to be quite open about issues and will communicate pretty fast unlike the other two!

    • 1 year ago

      We’re experiencing payment delays through Etsy for virtually all of our orders. This is causing some customers to either duplicate their order as they think it hasn’t been received – or request to cancel their order because they’re concerned that there’s a payment problem/trust issue.

      Keeping our eye on the situation and hoping for a speedy resolution. Etsy is a fantastic marketplace – we much prefer the selling experience on there versus ebay.

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