eBay Restoration Live at the Silverstone Classic

By Chris Dawson July 31, 2016 - 10:25 am

This weekend eBay are making a big splash at the Silverstone Classic. Their main aim is to promote the vast range of motors parts and accessories available on eBay to the estimated 100,000 strong crowd and to do this they’ve ton of activities taking place.

Centre stage is their pantechnicon garage where the eBay Restoration Live project is taking place. Over the three day event, a live restoration of a 1982 classic Range Rover is taking place with the countdown to Sunday lunch time when the project has to be completed ready for the car to be presented to it’s new owner.

Fergus WalkinshawThere’s something about a live restoration which is fascinating to watch, especially with the fast approaching deadline and the knowledge that if it’s not completed within the three days there will be no Range Rover to take centre stage in Sunday’s presentation.

The knowledgeable crowd certainly appreciated the work being undertaken and were pretty much without exception eBay fans, although somewhat surprised at discovering that every single spare part being used in the restoration was sourced on eBay. Yes they’d all used eBay to source parts, but the message eBay are banging out loud and clear is that eBay should be the first place you go to when looking for car parts and accessories.

The costs for the restoration stack up pretty well – head restorer Fergus Walkinshaw (pictured above) estimates that the Range Rover is probably worth around £5k in its current condition, but fully restored it could be valued at anything up to £30k. Hundreds of parts were sourced in advance on eBay from over 80 different sellers and they’ve all been stacked in boxes ready for the time they’re needed.

Mike Brewer Car ClinicWith the Range Rover restored to its former glory, it will appear on stage during the Mike Brewer Car Clinic this lunchtime with Mike and Fergus answering questions and sharing their experience of the complex project.

If you’re at the Silverstone Classic today, take some time out from the racing to visit the eBay area where you’ll also find the winners of the eBay car Challenge restoration projects. We got to see David Newell and his beautiful Mk3 Triumph GT6 which is now a runner on Friday and over the weekend Robyn Avis-Smith with her Volkswagen Beetle and Charlie Renwick who restored a rare 1968 Riley Kestrel 1300 will also be at the Classic.

eBay Restoration Live – Day 1 Timelapse

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