eBay Connect Manchester – 10th August 2016

By Chris Dawson July 12, 2016 - 1:52 pm

eBay ConnecteBay Connect is an exclusive conference for eBay UK business sellers being held in Manchester on the 10th of August this year.

Dan and I have frequently said eBay need to hold events for their seller partners, the US have their eBay Open event in Las Vegas at the end of July and now at last eBay UK have an event specifically for business sellers right here in the UK.

Those attending will be able to meet the eBay business seller team and network to share knowledge and exchange trading tips with fellow colleagues. There’ll be presentations throughout the day as well as workshops and private appointments to discuss your individual business needs one-on-one with the eBay customer services team.

You’ll also be able to get practical tips to ensure your business runs even more efficiently and meet experts to discuss new ways to discover opportunities across a variety of performance areas.

It’s been a long time since the last major eBay event for business sellers to attend. I remember the eBay Backstage Party almost a decade ago back in 2007 and, as with that event, expect that one of the most valuable things you’ll get out of eBay Connect is to talk to real eBay employees, make contacts and have someone from eBay sitting right in front of you to talk to about your business on eBay, what concerns you, and have them listen and understand what your business needs to succeed on their platform.

As you’d expect, the event has proven to be immensely popular with the sellers that have already been invited to attend so far. If you’d like to register your interest there’s a registration page available to join the waiting list. We’d recommend signing up today to be near the top of the queue.

    1 year ago

    we have had an invite
    though we dare not attend, we would likely be a little unsociable and a tad critical

    • 1 year ago

      Sounds exactly like a reason to go, to me…

  • John
    1 year ago

    Had the invite, but sadly wont be going.Amazon out sells Ebay 88% to 12% now for us so we simply cant afford to put any effort into Ebay.The mass of Chinese sellers flooding the market with multiple listings and the fact Ebay killed auctions mostly the problem.
    I hope Ebay do come back,the way they have been ran for the last five years has been a disaster,but we need a strong rival to Amazon.I think its probably too late though,or they need massive investment starting by slashing fees in half.

  • Mac
    1 year ago

    Was invited, simply unable to manage even half a day so far from home. Never mind a full day. Maybe in 20 years or so.

  • Simon
    1 year ago

    Had it but would no way Waste our valuable time attending anything this company announces, who would take advice of a company that has in the last three years effectively self harmed their business to the point of suicude. Wouldn’t listen to their advise running a hot dog stall let alone your own business.

    • Ajarms
      1 year ago

      Interesting that you feel that way, as an investor as well as a seller on ebay I attended their investors Q2 earning call and Ebay are currently up in all measurable statistics, revenue is up, total number of users on sight is up and most importantly for us sellers total number of buyers had increased by 4% and most crucially the number purchases per buying account also increased – as far as I can tell business for Ebay and sellers alike was on the up and up

  • Joe
    1 year ago

    I had an invite and it’s local for me, but eBay don’t have a very good track record on giving advice. Their webinars are egg-sucking masterclasses and their weekly email of ‘top tips for selling’ is just a joke.

    The only reason I’d consider going would be to meet up with other sellers and have a laugh.

    • 1 year ago

      I’m sure we’ll manage to find a pub. ;o)

    • 1 year ago

      We’ll have to find a pub, the networking drinks are only an hour until 6.30 🙁

    • Ajarms86
      1 year ago

      Apparently last years eBay connect in London was a fantastic networking opp but I personally didn’t get an invite . . .

  • 1 year ago

    1 is this the best part of manchester in which to find a tolerable boozer?

    2 eBay may have chosen the location because of its parking facilities – again a manchester problem

    3 chester & york are examples of better northern locations – not central to their regions but they are both cities in which its worth being for the day – and in which its difficult not to find a decent pub

    both have racecourse and other business conference facilities

    ps – add durham – use university conf facilities

  • Rob
    1 year ago

    Emirates Old Trafford is quite some distance from the bars and pubs in the city centre, which would be more attractive than some of the pubs near the ground. There are probably bars inside though.

    We have an invite and responded in the affirmative but haven’t had a confirmation yet.

    • JD
      1 year ago

      I too was ‘invited’ but have not yet had confirmation from eBay that I have a place.

      Need to book both travel and overnight accomodation so the delay in getting confirmation is far from ideal.

    • JD
      1 year ago

      Still no confirmation from eBay and the event is just 10 days away.

      Very bad form from eBay not to have confirmed either way.

      Anybody else in similar limbo?

  • Lex
    1 year ago

    Did registered myself twice… no answer. Nothing… 🙁 Woukd like to gk there but need to plan my time. (It says overbooked) how do I know will I get there or not???

  • Ajarms
    1 year ago

    Hey Chris, you mention that ‘you and Dan have always said ebay need to run more events and that its been 10 years since the last one’ you guys might want to double check this statement as far as I’m aware this the 3rd year in a row that eBay have ran their eBay connect seller conference, I know 100% they had one last year at the very least.

  • Jonah
    1 year ago

    Ajarms I am pleased you think eBay is on the up…… Anyone just browsing the topic would think you work for them or something ?

    Back to the real world… eBay glitches again today, mobile ap not functioning correctly, parcels “missing”, customer complaints over trivia (the coloured bag we sent out the parcel in was the wrong one and upset the buyers dog) and more importantly no sales ?

    • tinker
      1 year ago

      when we send the wrong item it causes so much upset the buyers budgies hemorrhoids explode

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