eBay cap selling fees at £2 in Tech Promotion

By Chris Dawson July 10, 2016 - 11:10 am

Wearable TechnologyThere’s an interesting promotion running on eBay UK at the moment. List up to four items in the Electronics category and if your tech sells you’ll pay a maximum of £2 per item in final value fees.

With eBay fees running at 10% of the final sale price (including the postage), this promotion will save money on anything that sells for more then twenty quid.

If you’ve an old smartphone, an iPhone, a laptop, a MacBook, a camera, or an iPad or tablet laying about then they’re almost certainly worth more then £20 and you’ll make a fair savings on fees if you sell four items.

The promotion is only available to invited private sellers and will only kick in once you click the activation link to set it up for your account.

Tamebay Top Tip

Activate the promotion and then list your four most expensive pieces of tech to get the biggest savings. Don’t list that six year old mobile phone that’s been gathering dust in the floor – list the two year old smartphone that you’ve just upgraded as that’ll be worth more and you’ll save more with the £2 fee cap.

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