Doddle are a full Amazon Pick Up Partner

By Chris Dawson July 14, 2016 - 7:39 pm

Doddle on AmazonDid you know that Doddle are now fully integrated with Amazon? It’s now just the click of a button to set your favourite Doddle store up as one of your Amazon delivery addresses.

Once you’ve set up a Doddle delivery address, the next time you shop on Amazon, you can make your purchase as usual and select the Doddle store as your delivery address when you check out. Amazon will send you an email with your unique pick up code, just pop in to your Doddle store to collect your parcel.

Doddle is fairly limiting at the moment, unless you’re one of the many millions who travel daily though a main line train station in which case it’s perfect. However now that Doddle have become a fully integrated Amazon Pick Up Partner, as they roll out their Doddle Neighbour local network there could potentially be a Doddle Pick Up point in just about every street in the country.

If you’d like to set a Doddle Store as one of your preferred delivery addresses on Amazon, you’ll find all the store details available on the Amazon Doddle parther Page.

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