Another delivery straight to the dustbin

By Chris Dawson July 6, 2016 - 7:31 am

Delivery in the Green Wheelie BinWhy do couriers do it? Why do they still think that the dustbin is one of the favoured places for consumers to receive a delivery?

Today it’s the turn of Amazon Logistics, but other couriers have also delivered to my bin in the past and always when I’m away from home and risk having my bins kindly put out for emptying by my neighbours.

It’s not like I don’t have a ton of delivery options available – I have a Pelipod secure home delivery pod and the code for the Pelipod was securely displayed on the parcel. I have an additional safe place (the greenhouse) nominated on my Amazon account and the greenhouse wasn’t locked and is two steps from my dustbins. I have accommodating neighbours who are always more than happy to accept parcels for me and yet still couriers sometimes prefer my dustbin.

Delivery in the green w binApart from a ton of garden greenery waiting for the recycling lorry to arrive, my parcel was sitting on top of some festering lettuce leaves that the rabbits hasn’t eaten and some rather revolting cat food – the green bins round my way are for garden waste and food waste!

Please couriers… don’t use the bin as a delivery receptacle. It might be emptied and the parcel sent to land fill and apart from that bins are always pretty yucky and disgusting. Trust me, my green wheelie bin is most definitely NOT the safe place I told you about!

  • Steve
    1 year ago

    I have written and complained to Amazon about my parcels being left in the bins on three occasions, each time they apologised and refunded the postage, only for the next delivery to end up in the same place! It is very frustrating and just demonstrates some of the challenges they will need to resolve to have an effective delivery network. Will be very interesting to see how they cope in peak, if they are struggling to get their existing courier network to the right standards.

  • james
    1 year ago

    wow, thats especially poor.

    it frustrates me when coureirs leave parcels “safe”, but a bin isnt safe. or even clean.

    I have plenty of customers who (rightly or wrongly, they seldom inform us in advance) order items when on holiday, expecting them to be there when they get back. if they have a pelipod and a nominated safe place, and decent neighbours, i can understand why they might.
    if Amazon go throwing items straight in the bin, they wont be there long.

    and now amazon are doing food deliveries, who wants to pick their dinner out the bin? next to last weeks rotting leftovers?

  • Dave
    1 year ago

    I don’t see any problem with this at all. You can’t expect me to believe that in the time between them delivering the parcel, and you seeing the delivery note you would have put the bin out and it been taken away. The time frames just don’t stack up.

    If they had put the parcel in your bin while it was OUT (wherever you leave your bin) for collection then this is a legitimate case, but I’ve only ever heard of examples where the bin is in its normal, secure location

    Please stop complaining – I like that they leave the package in a water tight container. I don’t want to have a re-delivery just to satisfy people complaining about a situation which hasn’t actually happened! Come back when your parcel has ACTUALLY been landfilled.

    • 1 year ago

      You obviously don’t live in an area where the neighbourly thing to do is put next doors bin out when you do your own or vice versa

    • Sam O'levski
      1 year ago

      Dave – you can’t expect me to believe that in the time between placing an order and it actually being delivered (could easily be 3 days or longer), nobody will ever have an unexpected emergency which requires them to travel away for a day or two (family illness for example) ?
      There must be dozens of valid reasons for someone having to alter their plans after placing an order, and an amazon order might not the most important thing in their life at that point.
      There are even kindly dustmen/refuse operatives who will actually take a bin which has not been left out, although they are few and far between these days.

  • 1 year ago

    Locally we do not use Bins(although I do know a few who use them to store their full Black Plastic Bags until collection day). We use Black Plastic Bags for our rubbish and as our collection day is Monday(every week unlike those places up country where the collection days are 2 or even 3 weeks apart we have our collections every week.

    So we do not tend to have bins full of festering rubbish making Cornwall a far more civilised place to live and trade. So we do not have the same problems with deliveries being made to bins and then landfill.

    But we still have problems with (usually) Couriers leaving deliveries on doorsteps in the wind and the rain and full view of passer byes. I usually have a large plant pot on the front doorstep and it is often trying potfully to hide a delivery or two even though there is a note on the front door because I take in deliveries for my neighbour and if I am not home and my neighbour is in they will take in any of my delivers but no the courier will still try to hide them behind the pot.

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