wnDirect and the 30,000,000 parcels they shipped

By Chris Dawson June 22, 2016 - 12:48 pm

wnDirectWN Direct, founded in 2012, have created a logistics solution aimed directly at retailers looking to deliver parcels to new and existing international markets. If you’re looking to ship overseas they’re the people to go to. They have now signed a five-year contract with processing specialist The Processing Centre (TPC).

TPC has supported wnDirect since it launched its international eCommerce solution in 2012. During that time both companies have grown significantly. wnDirect traffic that leaves the UK goes via TPC for processing making their operation business critical to the successful delivery of retailers items. The signing of this five-year contract endorses the positive relationship they share.

Tara Bathija, Head of Operations at wnDirect explains that “TPC has been flexible enough to enable us to grow as a business and, in the coming weeks we will be celebrating the delivery of our 30,000,000th parcel together“.

wnDirect’s bespoke processing software enables both wnDirect and TPC (as well as the retailers they are working for) to get increased visibility which enables any potential issues or errors to be flagged before they become a problem for the end customer.

Tara added that “In the spirit of a genuine partnership rather than a supplier / customer relationship the wnDirect and TPC teams are well integrated with a regular focus on performance“.

Thirty million parcels is a huge number by any measure, congrats to both wnDirect and TPS on their imminent achievement.

  • JohnR
    1 year ago

    Well done to them! I certainly never had any problems through WN Direct via eBay’s GSP.

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