WIX ADI automagically creates and designs your website in minutes

By Chris Dawson June 12, 2016 - 4:43 pm

WixSo you want a website and haven’t got a clue how to build it? You look at a few self build website solutions and are still struggling? Not any longer, help is at hand with WIX ADI which can build a website on the fly unique to you.

WIX just launched ADI – Artificial Design Intelligence, the first-ever AI solution for website design and creation. Wix ADI is specifically designed to eliminate the most significant challenges of building websites – time, design and content creation.

WIX say that they can instantly designs tailored websites by learning about the user through a few simple questions and curating content to create a unique design. From billions of high-quality combinations and possibilities, Wix ADI selects the perfect combination for each users’ need.

You’ll be asked: What will the website be used for? Do you need any special features or capabilities (an online store, appointment booking capability or a blog)? What is the name of your business? Where is the business located? and What design style do you want? Then automagically your website will be created in minutes.

Of course you can still tweak it, change images, colours and styles. But if you (or someone you know) wants a website and really doesn’t know where to begin then WIX could be the solution. Perhaps not ideal for a transactional based website, but for services such as solicitor, gym, dog walking, taxi, hairdresser and other similar businesses it’ll enable anyone to get a website created with just about zero knowledge.

If you’d like to see a WIX ADI created website, the one featured in the video below is

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