Western Bid’s PayPal solution for Turkey opens on 1st July 2016

By Chris Dawson June 7, 2016 - 11:40 am

With Turkish sellers now unable to offer PayPal, they’ve effectively been cut off from the eBay world (with the exception of eBay owned GittiGidiyor).

Turks can’t list on eBay international sites as invariably eBay insist that you must offer PayPal. Yes you can offer alternative payment methods, but PayPal isn’t an option.

There may be a solution for Turkish retailers thanks to a comment left by Michael of Western Bid on Tamebay. Western Bid, set up largely to help Russian retailers, enables you to sell on eBay (and other marketplaces such as Etsy) without needing your own PayPal account.

Basically the way the service appears to work is that you list on eBay as per normal, but instead of your own PayPal account you insert Western Bid’s PayPal account. Effectively they instantly purchase the product from you and sell it to your customer receiving the payment through PayPal.

Western Bid can offer the 1.9% plus 20p lowest available PayPal Merchant Rate, but they do add on their own fee of 5% for handling the transaction. When a payment is made you’ll instantly see your Western Bid balance reflect the funds and can ship the item.

Western Bid was found in 2001 in Minnesota, USA and work as an Authorized Retailer and Reseller for Russian speaking clients from Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and 15 other countries. They are opening up for business on the 1st of July for customers in Turkey.

Here at Tamebay HQ we hadn’t come across Western Bid before. If you’ve ever used them we’d love to hear from you.

  • hakan
    5 years ago

    its safe system ?

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