The Top 3 retailers worldwide on social are Amazon, Etsy & eBay

By Chris Dawson June 15, 2016 - 3:55 pm

Retail Brand Index - BrandwatchAmazon has been ranked as the top retailer globally in the first Brandwatch Retail Social Index beating every bricks and mortar retailer in the world.

Etsy came in second with eBay just behind in third place. American retailer Nordstrom took fourth place with the UK’s Tesco supermarket snagging the fifth spot.

Data provided by Brandwatch Analytics in the first quarter of 2016 was collected from millions of online sources and categorized them into five key areas, presenting insights on the reputation of the world’s leading retail brands. Retailers were ranked on:

  • The volume of conversation a brand generates across key social channels
  • The volume of conversation a brand generates on blogs, forums and new outlets (Hopefully they checked out Tamebay!)
  • The ratio of positive to negative statements surrounding brands online
  • The growth of a brands following over a month
  • How effective brands are at communicating or responding to their audiences and how well social content is received across social channels

The scores for the five measurements are then totalled to rank retailers against their peers.

There are some interesting insights in the Brand Watch Social Listening for Retail report, for instance while the majority of retailer Facebook posts are photos, on average, image links actually perform better getting more likes, shares and comments. Similarly, videos garner more shares than photos and considerably more comments than any other type of post.

Social is not something that a retailer can afford to ignore but it’s significant that the top performers on social are three of the biggest marketplaces in the world. If a brand or retailer isn’t selling on marketplaces they’re not only missing out on marketplace customers, they’re also not visible on the most talked about social channels that consumers are reading.

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